Friday, May 7, 2010

Importance of communication

My biggest weekness is lack of communication skills. Hmm... I am not sure. May be it is because so many people told me. It is more difficult get over any weekness when we constantly think about it.

Lets go back and check what I have lost of because of lack of communication skills
- Had a big fight with my best friend because of mis-communication
- Couldn't perform well in HR round of Microsoft in undergrad
- Technical skills were not valued at D.E.Shaw because of lack of good communication skills.

Well, Let me think again. 

I do work hard and I am good at thinking. 

what if I read many grammer English books.
- I did. But it didn't help. 

what if I read many novels?
- Technical books are more interesting than novels. I tried and read around 15-20 books.

what if I watch so many English movies?
- This thought changed my life. I started watching one movie per day. Now, I am unable to get rid of this bad habit.

what if I watch one movie many times?
- It helps me to remember dialogues. 

what if I read one novel many times?
- I read 'Two states' novel 3 times.  can't read.

what if I write a novel?
I wrote a novel 'Indian bridegroom' and published as well at
You know what. I was appreciated for my narrative skills. Yes, this novel writing helped me to impress sentence patterns in my mind. 

There is no single way to get over any weekness. Constant aspiration being excel in one area helps a lot.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Work in the boundaries of capabilities/knowledge

Its very difficult to quantify the one's capability in a area. And it's very certain that there is always an improvement. Why do we need to think about this?. World is so competitive. When you want to be top, want to prosper in life,(s)he has to know about their area of improvement.

Let me give a simple example to emphasize advantages of working on boundaries of knowledge. When we read a fresh topic, we get lot of new thoughts. These new thoughts might have been well explored. But if we get a new thought after having complete knowledge about a topic leads to a research paper.