Thursday, September 18, 2014

[I wish to see] Scope of social search

Social search technology is still in nascent stage. Big companies(well in terms of users) like Facebook, Google have introduced semantics in their search but still lot to improve.

Let me list out the examples to show where we are

If I am a photographer, I would ask in search to show me the scenic photos which have more than 1 million likes
If I am a policeman, I would search who violated rules
For example, a person tagged in a location A and location B and their difference in time < expected time of travel. 90% chance of violation of traffic rules.

In terms of content classification, here are few examples:
Search in a video: show the scenes between two actors/people
Show me all videos of an actress
Show me all action scenes of a video?

Show me all friends who are brighter than me?
Show me all friends who visited Nayagara falls? . (Friends may have just uploaded photos without Nayagara falls description. This information has to be derived from photos)
Show me all photos which are not liked by 10% of my friends

I want to search for people who are inactive since?
I want to search for people who I haven't talked to me since?

List the places I may like to travel? (this can be derived from friends's visited places and similar places that I visited earlier or photos I like)
List the places to have a dining? (same as above)

Having a 100% faith on social search results is wrong because many of our friends may not have updated their fields/information.

I don't care about above examples except video category. I wish to develop these search features.

Projects related to this area: Google search bar can be included in any external sites. Similarly, one can implement a semantic Graph search bar.